KL Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

What to expect upon arrival and departure

Notice: LCCT has ceased operations and all low-cost flight services are now relocated to KLIA2

All of AirAsia’s flights are handled by the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT); located approximately 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s main terminal. Along with the requisite airport facilities this no-frills airport is just one stretch of essential stores and a few restaurants scattered along the strip.

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LCCT Facilities

Located along Jalan Pekeliling – about 20 minutes away from KLIA – the LCCT is the main terminal for all AirAsia flights in and out of Malaysia. This no-frills airline would obviously have a utilitarian airport terminal; stores and restaurants are not as outrageously pricey as KLIA but things here are not exactly cheap either.

International Arrival Hall

The LCCT is a very simple and straightforward place; along the International Arrival Hall stretch you can find a few restaurants and shopping venues such as Old Town, Starbucks and Body Shop.

Domestic Arrival Hall

The Domestic Arrival Hall stretch has a few stores including TIME, Marry Brown, The ZONE Emporium, Deifrance, McDonald’s, Taste of Asia, Passage Thru India, Coffee Bean and the LCCT Emporium. If you need to grab some grub and shop after your flight, this is the stretch along the LCCT to do it.


If you need to freshen up before your flight then the Plaza Premium Lounge – located at the International Departure Hall – is well equipped with basic business facilities, Internet access, massage services and shower room; these facilities will cost you approximately RM88 for two hours.



Buses operate to a variety of destinations; simply head to the booth in the arrival hall, pick out your intended destination zone and purchase your tickets. Ticket prices vary accordingly; below are some of the most popular destinations from the LCCT.

KL Sentral
The SkyBus operates between LCCT and KL Sentral and departs every half an hour; the price for a one-way ticket is RM9 while a roundtrip will cost you RM18. Tickets can be purchased at the SkyBus booth in the arrival hall or at the curb beside the bus.

There is a convenient bus service that operates between KLIA and LCCT. Located on level two of the Main Terminal building these buses cost RM2.50 for one-way and a roundtrip will cost you RM5.

Klang & Shah Alam
If you’re heading to Klang or Shah Alam, the Aerobus departs every hour and takes approximately one hour in light traffic conditions; a one-way ticket will cost you RM15. This service is only available from 04:15 – 22:30; for more information contact +603 3344 2999.

If you’re heading over to Nilai, then hop on board the Airport Liner which departs every hour; a one-way ticket will cost you RM 3.50 and it’ll take you 1 ½ hours to reach your final destination. For more information contact +6016 228 4351.

Puduraya & Ipoh
The Star Shuttle departs every hour to Puduraya and Ipoh; a one-way ticket to Puduraya will cost you RM 9 while a ticket to Ipoh is RM42. The Puduraya shuttle service is available from 06:45 – 01:45 and the trip will take approximately 45 minutes. Meanwhile the Ipoh shuttle is available from 09:15 – 23:30 and is a two-hour journey.


The LCCT also operates a budget taxi service; rates vary according to the destination zones. Passengers are required to purchase taxi coupons to use the service; counters are located at the International Arrival Hall – just after Customs – before the public arrival area – and at the Domestic Arrival Hall at the public area – just after the domestic baggage clearance.


You can also hire a spacious van in case you’re travelling with a big group; rates vary according to the destination zones. Passengers are required to purchase coupons to use the service. Head on over to the counters at the International Arrival Hall – just after Customs, before the public arrival area or the counter at the Domestic Arrival Hall – at the public area just after the domestic baggage clearance – to purchase your vouchers.

KLIA Transit

The KLIA Transit is a commuter service with stops at three intermediate stations; Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and Salak Tinggi. The train departs every 30 minutes and takes approximately 35 minutes to reach KL Sentral from KLIA.



The LCCT doesn’t have many banks; RHB bank and CIMB bank are just round the corner beside the Taste of Asia restaurant which also doubles as a money changer.


Your plane’s just touched down and you’ve cleared customs; you’re heading towards Starbucks for some java when you realize that you’ve spent all your money buying duty-free items. Fret not, because there are ATM machines located opposite Body Shop beside the toilets of the International Arrival Hall.

Public phones

If you need to make a phone call to let your friends and family know you’ve arrived then head to the toilets behind Body Shop. At hand, is a bank of phones – you can use Malaysian coins, a phone card purchased at the LCCT Flying Emporium or your credit card to operate them.


If you’re luggage-laden and would like some help, then grab a trolley – at no charge – at the LCCT curb-side or International/ Domestic baggage re-claim area.

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