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Kuala Lumpur Zoo and Aquarium, spanning over 110 acres around a central lake, houses 5137 specimens from 476 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish from Asia and Africa. Also known as the Zoo Negara Malaysia, the wildlife sanctuary is located 13km northeast of Kuala Lumpur beyond Jalan Tun Razak along Jalan Ulu Klang. Housing a forest, lake and 16 animal exhibits, the zoo is set on such vast grounds that visitors will need at least three hours to explore in its entirety. To make it easier for foreign visitors to explore the zoo, tram rides are available for a surcharge of RM8 for adults and RM6 for children, while local visitors are charged at RM5 and RM3 respectively.

Some of Kuala Lumpur Zoo and Aquarium’s most popular sections include the Reptile Park which features an exceptional collection of snakes, including the Sumatran pit viper and the Indian rock python, Malaysian Elephants exhibit, and Lake Birds which displays 300 free-roaming birds, while visitors can see leopard cats, capybara, slow lories, Malay civet, pumas, leopards, raccoons, striped hyenas and Binturong in the Mammal Kingdom exhibit. Housing wild animals from most parts of the world, the open-concept Ape Centre enclosure houses Sumatran orang-utans, while the Australian Plain exhibit is home to a group of wallabies, emus (Australia’s largest bird), kangaroos, and pademelons: the smallest of the marsupials.


Situated within the zoo is the Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium, one of Malaysia’s oldest and most extensive public aquariums. Housing a variety of common and endangered aquatic species, the aquarium is divided into several exhibits that emulate the natural environments found in Malaysia, including Peat Swamp Zone, the Mangrove Zone, and Marine Zone.
Kuala Lumpur Zoo and Aquarium also offers a kid-friendly exhibit called Children's World, where little ones can get up close and personal with rabbits, ducks, chickens, parrots and guinea pigs. The section also houses a mini-rainforest with a variety of plants, a small aviary, fish pond, miniature horse barn, playground, and a mini cave where numerous artefacts such as skulls of primates, and body parts of various animals can be found.

The latest wildlife additions to Kuala Lumpur Zoo and Aquarium are two rare giant pandas hailing from Sichuan, China. With an additional fee (RM30 for adults and RM15 for children), visitors are able to catch a glimpse of these highly endangered creatures behind a massive glass panel. Promising a fulfilling day with the entire family, visitors are treated to exciting animal shows held daily at 11:00 and 15:00, photo booths on weekends, as well as guided tours, talks, seminars and interactive sessions.

Kuala Lumpur Zoo and Aquarium is accessible via a number of public transportation options. From Kuala Lumpur city centre, visitors can hail a taxi or hop on the Metrobus #16 from Central Market in Chinatown that takes them directly to the zoo.

National Zoo Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Location: Ulu Klang, Taman Melawati
Tel: +603 4108 3422

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