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    Where and What to Eat in Berjaya Hills

    If you’re ever in the mood to soak up some French culture but you can’t make it down to the real deal, then head on over to Bukit Tinggi. An easy one-hour drive from the city centre, this little hamlet – home to the Berjaya Hills Resort – is a great place to spend your weekend.

    As with most Malaysian towns and cities, Bukit Tinggi is liberally sprinkled with seafood restaurants serving authentic Chinese cuisine. Some people don’t rate this hillside’s surfeit of gastronomy venues as top draw, yet it has to be said that Berjaya Hills Resort has its fair share of good eateries. Most of these establishments – which serve European-style cuisine – are top star ventures; Colmar Tropicale is especially known for its French-style fare but there’s also a few traditional kopitiams (coffee shops) that serve bona fide Malaysian meals.

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Kow Po Coffee Shop

Located on the fringes of Berjaya Hills, this old-school coffee shop serves really good, cheap food – most notably ice kacang and cendol. Famous for its rich homemade ice-cream especially the house favourites – peanut and durian flavours, Kow Po is a traditional coffee shop that also serves main meals; so if ice cream alone – or Malaysian desserts – isn’t your thing or if you’re feeling ravenous, try the nasi lemak.

  • Location: Bentong
  • Address: No. 2 Bentong Heights, Bentong
  • Tel: +609 222 1258
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La Boulangerie Bakery

Most people consider the freshly baked pastries, cakes and sandwiches served at this café to be merely satisfactory given its highway robbery prices – three buns and a cup of coffee will cost you approximately RM30! Yet due to its opportune location and amicable ambiance, its no wonder this French bakery manages to pull in the crowds.

  • Opening Hours:
    06:00 – 22:30;
    12:00 – 14:30;
    17:30 – 21:30
  • Location: Colmar Tropicale
  • Address: Colmar Tropicale, KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat, Lebuhraya Karak
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La Cigogne

Colmar Tropicale is known for its haute French cuisine and La Cigogne offers the very best. The eatery is famous for its French fine-dining menu – most notably the foie gras and the Alsatian specialty, choucroute. You’ll pay for its resplendent surroundings – this starry venture will set you back quite a bit as main dishes cost more or less about RM50 each.

  • Location: Colmar Tropicale
  • Tel: +609 288 8888
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La Flamme

This sidewalk deli serves up a variety of pastries, pastas and pizzas that are quite good – prices are a little steep but they’re expected. Start off with the small Colmar pizza and deep-fried calamari; proceed to try the marina spaghetti in tomato concasse, small calzone and Alfredo pasta. Finish off your meal with a cappuccino and the chocolate Vienna – your meal is complete.

  • Address: Colmar Tropicale, KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat, Lebuhraya Karak
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Le Poulet Roti Roast Chicken

A café that specialises in the eponymous roast chicken, the gravy with this bird is simply sumptuous and the main dish comes with sides of potato salad, mashed potatoes as well as coleslaw. It’s a veritable KFC with an upscale highland twist.

  • Location: Colmar Tropicale, KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat, Lebuhraya Karak
  • Tel: +609 288 8888
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Remember One Two Six Restaurant

This spacious and airy restaurant is noteworthy because its one of the few Chinese eateries in Bukit Tinggi that is wholesome and clean. Service is good as the staff members are friendly and ever helpful; try the four heavenly king vegetable platter, curried wild boar, paddy frog soup and steamed red talapia in spicy bean sauce. The food is not stellar but the service is definitely up to par.

  • Location: PT3347, Kg Bukit Tinggi
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Restoran Bukit Tinggi BBQ

Bukit Tinggi BBQ is located behind the BHP petrol station on KM40 of the Karak Highway. Serving up good barbecue fare, you should definitely try their famous steamed seafood pot, chicken feet, barbecue lamb, fried beans, barbecued fish, fried green chillis, fried bean curd with egg and wet rice (a rice dish served with a portion of gravy).

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – late
  • Location: Just right behind the BHP petrol station Karak Highway
  • Address: P.T. 15792 & 15793, Jalan Bukit Tinggi
  • Tel: +609 233 0330 or +6012 357 7111
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Foon Lock Restaurant

Serving up typical Chinese cuisine such as fried mushrooms, steamed chicken, fried beans, clay pot tiger prawns, steamed frog legs and asam fish, Restoran Foon Lok is a popular Chinese eatery in this highland retreat. You can find it along the exit point of Janda Baik.

  • Location: 84, Kg Bukit Tinggi
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Ryo Zan Tei

Laid back Ryo Zan Tei restaurant may not be the most opulent establishment at this highland retreat but it’s got its own brand of charm. Set amidst the beautifully landscaped Japanese Village, prices for the fare are steep – a meal can cost you RM40. However, given its beautiful surroundings, it’s little wonder why a cup of usually-affordable green tea costs RM5.75 here.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 Monday to Fridays; 10:00 – 18:00 Saturdays
  • Location: Japanese Village
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