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Top 10 Trendy Restaurants

The Top 10 Trendy Restaurants list is a guide to Kuala Lumpur’s best, yet reasonably-priced, restaurants. Although Malaysia is a very tourist-friendly destination, its cuisine is still largely geared towards the local crowd, with Chinese coffee shops and mamaks (Indian-Malay restaurants) dominating its culinary landscape. Yet recent years have seen new kinds of restaurants mushrooming all over the city. Instead of a collection of extremes – fine dining outlets and hawkers – KL now plays host to hip yet inexpensive joints with food that is popular with all types. As the city’s food scene is a fluid one, determining the restaurants that make the cut is not an easy choice; the ones selected below are chosen not only for their excellent food but also their decor and atmosphere.

Frangipani Restaurant Changkat Bukit Bintang - Fusion cuisine

Frangipani Restaurant is one of the best French fine-dining experiences in Malaysia. Opened in 2001, it is set along the popular Changkat Bukit Bintang and is one of the city’s best places to be seen for those looking to impress. Elegant and refined, it was listed in Malaysian Tatler’s 2011 Best Restaurants Guide Read More...

WiP Restaurant Bangsar - Mix cuisine WiP bills itself as the city’s best-kept secret but frankly it is so well known, most consider it a staple on their gourmet dance cards. It boasts a coastal resort ambiance and food served is a delicious mix of local, Western and Northern Indian cuisine, plus on the drinks side some pretty mean cocktails.
Enak KL Restaurants Bintang Walk - Malay cuisine

Relying heavily on age-old family recipes, it is no wonder the food has such a rich, home-made flavour to it. White rice with most of Enak KL’s dishes is simply a must and the spice levels are just right for locals. However, western visitors do not need to worry as the chilli factor can be toned down to appease to more mellow taste buds – just sneak in a word to the chef. Read More...


The 39 Restaurant Ampang - KLCC - Malay cuisine

The 39 Restaurant is a restaurant in PNB Darby Park that redefines classic Malay cuisine. Set in elegant surrounds, it presents Malay cooking in an all-new setting by entering the fine-dining circle. Here, special emphasis is placed on food presentation and dishes use only top-notch ingredients. Read More...

The Ming Room Restaurants Bangsar - Chinese cuisine

Highly recommended and repeatedly garnering positive reviews, The Ming Room comes under the aegis of the Oriental Group. It was recently refurbished and now features elegant furnishings and fixtures that include antique terracotta horses. For those looking for a more private dining experience, the restaurant has six exclusive banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 300 people. Read More...

Bijan Bar & Restaurant Malay Cuisine - Changkat Bukit Bintang

Serving high-end Malay cuisine, the food served here is halal and only the best ingredients are used. The décor is a fusion of traditional and contemporary with verdant surroundings and an intimate kampung-style setting. The restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor dining areas, with the kitchen headed up by Chef Zulkifli Razali. Read More...

Sri Ayutthaya Bangsar - Thai cuisine

Sri Ayutthaya has earned its status as one of KL’s finer Thai restaurants. It has three branches in KL but its flagship outlet is in Medan Damansara, at the opposite end of the street to Victoria Station. The food is the authentic stuff and not the watered down version you will find at other places. Read More...

Café Café Restaurant Chinatown - French-Italian cuisine

Café Café is one of the most surprising entries in Kuala Lumpur’s list of best restaurants. A French-Italian fine dining restaurant, Café Café is no stranger to accolades and was nominated as the Best Continental Restaurant and Best Independent Restaurant in the 2010 Time Out KL Food Awards. Read More...

Tamarind Springs Ampang - Indo-China cuisine

Tamarind Springs is a fine-dining restaurant set within Ampang’s natural forest reserve. The culinary direction is classic Indochinese with inspiration for the spicy food coming from Lao, Vietnamese and Khmer kitchens. One part of a three-outlet complex, Chef Somkhuan Wandee heads up the kitchen. Read More...

Ibunda Restaurant Jalan Bukit Bintang - Malay Cuisine

Ibunda is a fine-dining restaurant that cleverly fuses French culinary techniques with Malay spices to create an array of new and interesting dishes. Elevating Malay cuisine to new heights, Ibunda is headed up by award-winning Chef Zabidi Ibrahim, who leads a team of seven chefs in the kitchen. Read More...

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