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    Everything You Need To Know About Chow Kit

    Chow Kit is an atmospheric, localised area of Kuala Lumpur city centre, filled with rows and rows of long-established retail outlets specialising in wholesale goods. While it is best known for its daily market, called Bundle Chow Kit by locals, Chow Kit also houses a number of prized local restaurants as well as sightseeing opportunities including Southeast Asia’s largest Sikh temple.

    Easily accessible via public transportation, the Chow Kit monorail station serves the area, set only a two-minute walk from Jalan Haji Hussein. This unassuming section of Kuala Lumpur is a well worth visit if you are looking to get a taste of local city life, so we have compiled our Top 10 chart-toppers in Chow Kit on where to eat, see, shop and go at night.

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    (Chow Kit)
    Guest Rating From
    1. Sunway Putra Hotel 3.9/ 5
    2. Prescott Hotel KL Medan Tuanku 3.6/ 5
    3. Fraser Residence Kuala Lumpur 4.5/ 5
    4. Grand Seasons Hotel 3.5/ 5
    5. Tune Hotel - Downtown KL 3.6/ 5
    6. The Ttanz Hotel 3.5/ 5
    7. Crossroads Hotel 3.7/ 5

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  • Sunway Putra Hotel
  • Putra World Trade Centre
  • 4.1 / 5
    ( 504 reviews )
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