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Everything you need to know about KL's areas

Southeast Asia's youngest capital and one of its most economically successful, Kuala Lumpur is a developing city that's steadily gaining international recognition. Founded in the mid 19th century, KL's streets bustle with construction apparatus as it strives to emulate the bold élan of mega-buck cities like Hong Kong and New York.

The city doesn't really have one particular style - grand Moorish, Moghul, Malay and Victorian structures like Merdeka Square give way to ultramodern edifices like the Petronas Twin Towers. Neither slow-paced nor particularly charming, KL boasts a certain charisma - beyond the city limits, as long as you look in the right places, you'll find shaded alleyways with residents playing mahjong.

Most Popular Areas
Bukit Bintang Bukit Bintang

This area is so popular simply because it caters for almost every taste and budget when it comes to shopping. You'll be spoilt for choice by the endless array of fashion goods and merchandise here! Read More...


Shopping is KLCC's main feature and the most popular mall in the area is the Suria KLCC nestled between the Petronas Twin Towers. Read More...

Chinatown Chinatown

KL's Chinatown is not just known as a stronghold of Chinese culture, but what really makes it popular is the fantastic shopping opportunities in a open-air bazaar-like environment. Read More...

Golden Triangle Golden Triangle

Known as Kuala Lumpur's commercial, shopping and entertainment hub, the Golden Triangle is actually a large area that encompasses a number of major streets. Read More...

Bangsar Bangsar

 The streets of Bangsar, mainly in Telawi and Maarof, are littered with night clubs, pubs and bistros, making it one party area during the weekends. Read More...

Petaling Jaya Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya, known as 'PJ', declared as a city, but it is still mainly an urban area to accommodate the large population that live and work. Read More...

Chow Kit Chow Kit

Chow Kit is an atmospheric, localised area of Kuala Lumpur city centre, filled with rows and rows of long-established retail outlets specialising in wholesale goods. Read More...

Subang Jaya Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya is a self-contained hub of higher education institutions, eateries, independent retail stores, and houses many interesting activities one can enjoy with a group of close-knit friends and family. Read More...

Little India Brickfields Little India Brickfields

A seemingly different world, Brickfields, the site of the recently relocated Little India, was originally a simple residential neighbourhood situated just outside central Kuala Lumpur. Read More...

Putrajaya Putrajaya

Putrajaya is Malaysia's third and latest Federal Territory. Much organisation and planning have gone into the development of Putrajaya as a modern city with progressive infrastructure. Read More...

Jalan Ampang Ampang

The old mansions belonging to the tin tycoons at the turn of the century, these old ancestral homes line the streets in their silent splendour bearing witness to the passage of time. Read More...

Old Klang Road Old Klang Road

One of the oldest and most historically-significant roads in Kuala Lumpur. Several decades ago, it was the only link between Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang. Read More...

Kuala Lumpur Highlands Places Near Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by majestic highlands with lush greenery, offering not only respite from the heat below, but also tranquil views high above the world for those who want a brief escape from stressful daily cares. Read More...



Other Areas near Kuala Lumpur


Klang is where a large port is located. An industrial area, the landscape is littered with factories, ships, cranes and shop lots with a strong smell akin to burning cheese filling the air. Klang does not offer much for visitors except for leisure fishing by the bridge and a Chinese dish called 'Bah Kut Teh', a delicious concoction of pig innards in boiling herbal soup.


Shah Alam

Shah Alam is on the West of Kuala Lumpur and is the capital city of Selangor State. An industrial area, Shah Alam has a strong Malay population, which is why many road street signs have Jawi characters below them. Shah Alam is most famous for the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, which is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. The Proton manufacturing plant, Malaysia's first car-maker, is located here.

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