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Hotspot in Kuala Lumpur

A well-known residential and commercial area in the city, Bangsar has long enjoyed elevated status amongst the wealthy and the affluent. Long before other trendy places such as KLCC and Asian Heritage Row surfaced, this township’s reputation as the elite haunt of the in-crowd has long been established.

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Strip’, Bangsar’s Telawi area is known as the ultimate hub for food, fashion and fun, and is often likened to Singapore’s Holland Village. Bangsar’s hottest nightspot consists of rows of streets lined with a myriad of entertainment and dining options, interspersed with trendy fashion boutiques featuring exclusive, independent labels.

Dining in Bangsar

Most of the mid-range to high-class dining outlets are located within the shopping complexes, Telawi Street and along Jalan Maarof. From these restaurants, one can find an endless array of cuisine from around the world as well as local favourites such as Chinese, Indian and Malay food. The restaurants attract many Caucasian expatriates who live in Bangsar.

Because most of Bangsar's residents were historically predominantly Indian, there are a wide range of restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine as well as similar spicy Sri Lankan and Punjab dishes. Vegetarian restaurants with an Indian theme are also a strong feature among the streets. Patrons can enjoy piping hot curries, pancakes made of dough and eaten with chutney, tandoori chicken baked in circular ovens and rice served on banana leaves.


Today, Bangsar is home to a large number of expatriates. This translates to a large variety of international restaurants nestled among the streets of Telawi. Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, European and American cuisine are commonplace with a large crowd of internationals on weekends. You might be mistaken that these are tourists but they are not; most, if not all, are expatriates living in the area.

Seafood restaurants are also popular in Bangsar, and some of them serve them in a steamboat style. In the Lucky Garden area, one can find many Chinese restaurants that serve authentic oriental food and drinks. A few Malay and Indian restaurants can also be found in the area. Read More...

Nightlife in Bangsar

The Telawi Streets - particularly Jalan Telawi 1, Jalan Telawi 2 and Jalan Telawi 3 – are often regarded as the place to be seen. With the colourful variety of pubs and clubs lining the streets, it’s not hard to see why. Best of all, most of the clubs around this area do not impose cover charges like the the city’s more central locations. Read More...

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