5 Great Pavilion KL Stores

Our favourite, quirky shops in the mall

Right in the centre of Kuala Lumpur’s prime shopping district, Pavilion KL is home to over 450 retailers of all shapes and sizes. As one of the city’s top shopping centres, it is usually crowded with shoppers looking for great deals on international luxury brands. But beneath the glitz and glamour Pavilion KL also houses a lot of indie boutiques, slick up-and-coming local designers and unique concept merchandise stores.

To make your Pavilion KL shopping experience just a little bit more unique, we have decided to list out five of our favourite Malaysian-born brands – the perfect places to shop if you are looking for one-of-a-kind items and unusual fashion finds.


It all started with a little bit of doodling. When Darren Chen, founder and now Creative Director of Dooodolls, realised that his cute and adorable ‘doodles’ were beloved by friends and family he decided to set up a shop with merchandise (from messenger bags and hand phone casings to T-shirts and warmer hats) in quirky colours, materials and sizes. The common denominator would be that they would all feature his colourful doodles – thus the Dooodolls were born! What we really like about this Pavilion KL store is the fact that there are more than 24 uniquely named characters available to choose from and they make perfect gifts: prices start at just RM20.

Location: P6.50.00, Level 6
Tel: +60 3 7880 9390



If there is one thing that sets Eclipse apart from giant fashion emporiums in Pavilion KL, it is the fact that it offers a great variety of tailored, fashion forward lines. Catering to petite women, these clothes are ideal for special occasions and come with a slightly expensive price tag – think RM450 for a lightly-sequined maxi cocktail dress – but it is worth the purchase as each item is of such high quality. Fat reflective bubble lights, glass display cases and velvet stools make the Pavilion KL store look like it has got a clean, industrial factory look with a 1970s twist.

Location: 4.15.00, Level 4
Tel: +603 2141 9527


Looking a lot like a high-concept fashion store, Flow was created with the chic, plus-sized woman in mind. This up-and-coming label by the Valiram Group is a great place to shop for women who are style-conscious but not willing to shell out big bucks for a little bit of extra fabric. The designs are never too heavily embellished but they are always super trendy – like peplum tops, midi skirts and wraparound maxi dresses – all cleverly designed to conceal our extra ‘bits’. Besides the large sizes and super stylish designs, what makes Flow great is the fact that the price tags for these affordable fashion picks rarely go beyond RM200.

Location: 4.25.12, Level 4
Tel: +603 2142 0888


There are so many reasons to love Nichii: the up-to-the-minute fashion finds in stores, the large sizes available and the fact that it is all very wallet friendly. They carry comfortable styles such as high-waisted skinny jeans and pinstripe shorts to classy, bold statement cocktail dresses and work-appropriate maxi dresses. There is also a small section dedicated to shoes (think velvet pumps, suede lace-up boots and racks of leather slip-ons) and accessories ranging from necklaces and bangles to earrings and belts. The shop is designed to create an easygoing vibe for a chic fashion finding experience – clothes are well organized (by type), changing rooms are spacious, and the music policy is a firm mix of top 40 hits and credible indie. You will see a broad cross section of shoppers at the Pavilion KL store, from teens to young professionals. Extremely affordable, prices for Nichii fashions start from as low as RM19:90 and go up to RM199:90 max.

Location: 5.12.00, Level 5
Tel: +603 9283 1110

The Jekyll & Hyde Project

The Jekyll & Hyde Project is a brand that takes inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson’s eponymous 1886 novel. The store’s English-inspired logo is what first captured our attention – a hare to represent Dr. Jekyll, standing back-to-back with a fox (its arch-nemesis Mr. Hyde). Inside, the store is full of practical but fun and kitschy items – from mugs with cute quotes (‘kiss me for coffee, hold me for tea’) and magnetic bookmarks (‘thank God it’s magnetic!’) to T-shirts and recycled wrapping paper. By far the store’s parody postcards (RM28.90) really tickle our funny bones the most – basically a collection of eight hand-painted stock cards mocking famous blockbuster movies – like a hare superimposed in front of Darth Vader’s head with a lightsaber in the shape of a carrot with ‘Carrot Wars’ printed underneath. 'What the...?'

Location: P6.30.00, Level 6
Tel: +603 2141 2308

Pavilion Shopping Mall Location

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