Burger Junkyard in Kota Damansara

Best burgers in Kuala Lumpur

Burger diners are common in and around Kuala Lumpur these days, with trailblazers such as MyBurgerLab in Seapark, Fatboys Burger Bar in Publika and Burgertory in Subang Jaya taking up the lion’s share of media attention. Joining their ranks is newcomer Burger Junkyard in Kota Damansara – a gourmet burger bar worth investigating for its hearty, inventive meat sandwiches.

A tip of the hat to New York, they have a rocking formula: humongous, hearty American sliders in cool junkyard-chic interiors with a whole lot of hipster flair: think walls replete with graffiti murals, oversized naked bulbs and overturned wooden crates acting as chairs.

Comparisons with other burger bars are to be expected but in our opinion Burger Junkyard leaves the rest for dust. It has been churning out two-hands-required burgers since 2012 and their sliders come in two sizes – half-size (90g) for those with smaller appetites and full size (180g). Sandwiched between the lightly-toasted buttery brioche buns are charbroiled beef patties fashioned from pure premium chilled Australian and New Zealand beef, with all manner of thoroughly inventive toppings available.  

Worth putting on your radar, what really makes these meat sandwiches stand out is the fact that they ‘steam’ their cheese (mozzarella, mild and sharp cheddar) to create a sauce that is poured over each burger. The sides deserve equal billing – ask for a serving of hand-cut, salt-crusted chips.


Let’s talk about the burgers themselves: our favourite is Beef In Blankets, a thick, juicy and generously-sized beef patty wrapped in several layers of salty, moist bacon strips, with crunchy raw onions, luscious tomatoes and the restaurant’s signature three-cheese sauce covering it. If you are looking for something a little unique, try Vampire Slayer, a sandwich of beef patty with garlic croutons, garlic roasted tomatoes, garlic butter and garlic confit sauce on top. This burger has a memorable satin-like texture and boasts a rich, invigorating flavour – because of the garlic it might not be suitable for a first date but it will keep the vampires at bay.    

Another must-try is the fist-sized Texas Hold Me, which comes topped with golden onion rings which add a level of moisture and sweetness, while the three-cheese sauce and crispy bacon strips give it a creamy, decadent and savoury taste. Also good is the messy but succulent Formage Etfungi – with four different kinds of ‘shrooms (fresh shitake, Swiss browns, white buttons and baby Portobello), it is a real treat for mushroom-lovers.

on-red meat fans will be glad to know that Burger Junkyard also has a variety of chicken burgers available. You cannot go wrong with the saucy Buffalo Soldier number: a concoction of char-grilled chicken thigh basted with spicy Buffalo hot sauce and topped with celery sticks, a tomato slice and scallion root sour cream to give it a little extra oomph. For the brave few, we recommend Volcano: a chicken burger with crisp nachos chips, fried egg, spicy pimento and an even spicier lava sauce made up of jalapenos, habaneros, bird’s eye chillies and dried chillies.       

Burger Junkyard also serves a vegan option called Pineapple Fungi, a tempura fried Portobello mushroom, crowned with a fat, sweet slices of grilled pineapple, thick fingers of onions, slices of garden greens, juicy tomatoes and house aioli. Service, meanwhile, is just as fantastic as the food.

Burger Junkyard

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 22:00 Monday – Saturday
Address: 16, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand, Kota Damansara
Tel: +603 6143 4305

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