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  • Di Wei Chinese Restaurant Subang

    Cantonese dim sum at Empire Hotel Subang


    Describing Cantonese dim sum is oftentimes hard – largely because instead of a single central dish, you get a variety of bite-sized dishes. Most of the time these steamed and fried dumplings, rolls and paus are found in atmospheric Chinese coffee shops but sometimes you’ll come across a good, high-end eatery specialising in it.

    Making time for a leisurely lunch one weekday afternoon, we head to Di Wei Chinese Restaurant in Empire Hotel Subang, choosing a total of 13 dishes from its menu of dumplings and rolls. Service is prompt and the restaurant is a comfortable spot for families.

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  • We start off our meal at Di Wei Chinese Restaurant with a sweetened, rich-bodied herbal drink that helps clear the lungs and increase the appetite, and munch on sweet and salty caramelised anchovies with chilli flakes.

    Each serving of dim sum arrives in a bamboo steaming basket holding three pieces of every choice. The steamed pork dumpling (RM9) is fresh and not too heavily-seasoned, allowing us to focus on the taste of the juicy pork meat however the golden deep-fried prawn dumpling (RM9) is by far the star of the show. Succulent and light, the crunchy texture of the thin, delicate fried wanton wrapping filled with prawns is simply heavenly. Meanwhile, the Shanghai dumplings (RM9) with its gelatinous-looking wrap, looks unappealing at first glance but once we bite into it we find that it is stuffed with tender and flavourful pork.

    Besides that, we enjoy Di Wei Chinese Restaurant’s stir-fried yam cake (RM10). The chilli-infused version that Di Wei Chinese Restaurant puts out is not oily, with a crispy golden layer and soft, moist centre.

    Next up is a variety of rolls – from Vietnamese rolls to steamed rice noodle rolls. The version with yu char kui (fried bread sticks) is tasty but the steamed rice noodle rolls with shredded duck meat at RM9 is really unique. The viscous casing drenched in light and salty soya sauce barely contains the dense, meaty centre.

    After that we try the cotton-soft, green tea pau (RM7) stuffed with custard cream and salted egg yolk: while we were a wary at the look of this dish, the sweet-pungent taste of the filling left a great aftertaste.

    A platter of full-flavoured chunks of char siew and siew yoke (sweet and salty barbecued pork) completes the meal. While the siew yoke is tender and perfectly marinated, we find the sweetened barbecued pork bits a little tough: its saving grace is that it is all-meat and no fat – a marked difference from those found in other restaurants in the city.

    Lastly we dig into dessert: the first sweet treat is mango sago cream with ice cream and fruit bits. The not-too-sweet cream blends together perfectly with the vanilla-flavoured ice cream, while the slices of fruit provide a tangy kick with each bite. Also good are the Lotus paste Chinese pancakes (RM8), the thin and flaky crust is buttery but not too greasy and provides a great contrast to the cool and sweet Lotus paste.

    We are served hot chrysanthemum-flavoured tea with our meal but if you are in the mood to indulge we suggest you take a look at the restaurant’s list of 120 wines, ranging from New World vintages from Chile and New Zealand to Old World labels from France and Italy.

    Di Wei Chinese Restaurant

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
    • Address: 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
    • Tel: +603 5565 1268 or +603 5565 1388
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