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  • i-City in Shah Alam

    City of Digital Lights near Kuala Lumpur

    Known as the City of Digital Lights, i-City is a theme park in Shah Alam best known for its nightly colourful display of LED-lit attractions. A family-friendly place, it is home to a range of exciting activities such as a water park, 3-D museum and snow park. Popular with shutterbugs, one of its major highlights is a ‘forest’ of artificial maple and pine trees with branches of millions of LED lights.   

    i-City has a funfair-like atmosphere with a Ferris Wheel, two-tiered carousel, booths set up where you can play carnival-esque games (and win stuffed toys), plus stalls selling candy floss and other snacks. Besides the ‘forest’, other displays at the park include quirky, plastic figures such as peacocks, flamingos, giraffes and swans fitted with LED lights.


    Located about an hour away from the KL city centre, rows of Chinese lanterns and fake cherry blossom trees give the place an Oriental look. During the daytime, you can keep cool with a visit to Waterworld, a section of the theme park with a number of water-based attractions including cascading fountains and spiral slides.

    One of its thrill rides, the Tornado, is a 160-foot water slide with a seven-storey funnel-like tube. Inclined at a 45-degree angle, it starts out 60-feet wide and tapers down to a 10-foot wide opening before you splash into a 1,350sqft landing pool.

    Also at the park is the arctic SnoWalk, a 50,000sqft section of the park with 100mm of fake snow on the ground: have a walk around, see the 100 tonnes of sculpted crystal ice and catch the nightly ‘snowfall’ session. Another exciting attraction at i-City is the Trick Art Museum – an exhibit with 3-D paintings (like a photo of the ocean with the ‘sea’ spilling out of the frame).

    We recommend you stopover during seasonal holidays such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, when the park puts out seasonally-themed, LED-lit figurines: when we visited during Christmas, there were festive displays of giant Christmas trees and reindeers.


    iCity Shah Alam

    • Opening Hours: 19:00 – 02:00
    • Address: D-9-1, Jalan Multimedia, 7/AJ City Park, i-City, Shah Alam
    • Tel: +603 5521 8800
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