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Fun recreational activity in Serdang

A fun, family-friendly recreational activity, zorbing is a bizarre experience where you get to roll inside an inflated, transparent plastic ball (about 10ft in diameter) called an orb. Also called orbing, globe-riding and sphere-ing, the ‘sport’ comes in two varieties (dry and wet orbing) and takes place at MAEPS, Serdang – beside the Serdang hospital.

The orb looks like a giant hamster ball but instead of hard plastic, it is flexible (think super-thick bubble wrap), with one ball inside another and an air space between the two: the inner and outer orbs are connected by small nylon strings. The air cushion acts as a shock absorber ensuring that your ride is gentle –especially appreciated during bumpy moments while rolling.

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What It Looks Like

Getting into the orb is pretty simple – you just have to slide in through a small opening: it is a pretty tight fit and you will find yourself squeezing to get into the inner chamber. Once inside, it is roomy and comfortably padded and you strap yourself to the walls of the globe with a harness.

The harness ensures that you are strapped to the inner orb, but it does not make sure you are upright throughout your session: you still experience that free-fall sensation! Each orb can fit two people and the cocoon-like feel you get when you are rolling around makes it great for couples and kids.

Dry Orbing

In Serdang, the zorbing grounds are pretty vast – the dry orbing session sees us on a steep slope, with a track carved into the hillside. As soon as we are strapped in, we get to roll around on a level surface just to get our bearings at first – this way allows us to stay more in control of the direction and speed of the orb.

When we are ‘comfortable’ in the ball, our zorbing operator pushes us down a gentle but still heart-racing 70m slope, causing us to experience a jumble of hands and feet! It really feels like we are in a pinball machine, with the ball ricocheting from left to right along the downhill ditch.

Wet Orbing

Feeling a little dizzy now, we decide to give wet orbing a try. There are two styles of wet orbing: the first type is pretty similar to dry orbing, except we get a bucket of water thrown into the ball with us and by the end of our downhill roll, we are drenched. The other wet orbing session has us trying to ‘walk on water’ when the orb is placed on a small lake – with this type of orbing we stay dry.

The orbing session comes in an hourly package: we recommend you call ahead to book a session. If you get a group of friends together you can even play games like ‘hamster-tag’, where you try to knock each other’s ball with your own.

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