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  • Ronnie Q’s Bar in Kuala Lumpur

    Bangsar neighbourhood English sports bar

    Words come easily when describing Ronnie Q’s bar – ‘laidback’, ‘homey’ and ‘friendly’ perfectly illustrate this Bangsar sports bar. One of the area’s most mature nightlife spots, the place is over 20 years old and is largely popular with expats. Its longevity can be attributed to the simple recipe of friendly staff, coupled with ice-cold beers and tasty food – a combo that works fantastically well.  

    At weekends or when there’s a football match on, most of the people along the dark, nondescript Jalan Telawi 2 Road are heading for Ronnie Q’s: on these nights, the place is packed to the rafters but efficient staff members keep things running smoothly.

  • Old English Tavern

    Blending in effortlessly with the more prominent nightclubs along Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Ronnie Q’s has a real tavern-like feel and has been done up in the style of a classic British pub with black-tiled floors, dim lighting, dark wood tables and chairs with a bar that looks like it belongs in an old west saloon. Check out the vintage black-and-white photos covering the walls and the trophy cabinets filled with awards for all manner of things owner, Ronnie Q, has picked up over the years.

    When it comes to seating, you’ll get fantastic service no matter where you are. There are tables and chairs dotted around the room, as well as booths lining the brick walls, but most drinkers choose to grab a coveted seat around the bar.

    Food & Drinks

    Typical English pub grub features prominently on the menu: think standards like fish & chips, barbecue-flavoured pork ribs, burgers and bangers and mash. But food wise, by far what makes this place worth a repeat visit is the spicy wild boar curry. Served with a side of toast, the sinfully sumptuous sweet yet hot dish goes extremely well with a cold beer.

    Drinks-wise the bar has four types of ale on tap: Guinness, Kilkenny, Paulaner, Strongbow and Tiger. You will also find house pours of Jack Daniels and other spirits. The cocktail selections are a bit thin, but given the fact that the place is a sports bar, we’re not really surprised.

    Ronnie Q’s

    • Address: 32 Jalan Telawi 2 59100 Kuala Lumpur
    • Tel: +60 3 2282 0722
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