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Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

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  • Kuala Lumpur Nightspots

    Bukit Bintang, Bangsar, Hartamas, Ampang


    The heart of the city is where most of the big clubs are. During the day, the working offices and shopping malls are the centre of activity but come night, the clubs and discos take over! Pubs and bars, on the other hand, tend to root themselves in urban areas outside the main city areas.

    It is not uncommon to find a few pubs and bars in non-Muslim residential areas as well. Karaoke is fast catching on as another popular activity, especially among the Chinese.

    For night-time excitement in the big city, head to the areas of Bukit Bintang, Ampang/P.Ramlee and Sultan Ismail. Those who seek quieter, but no less vibrant, night pastures should check out Bangsar and Sri Hartamas. Because this is a Muslim country, topless shows or any other performance that is deemed sexually excessive in nature, are not allowed to be held thought there are a few in the past who have held illegal ones.

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    1. Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur 4.6/ 5
    2. PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur 4.2/ 5
    3. Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur 4.5/ 5
    4. WOLO Bukit Bintang 4.1/ 5
    5. Impiana KLCC Hotel 4.3/ 5
    6. Hilton Kuala Lumpur 4.4/ 5
    7. Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral 4.5/ 5
    8. Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur 4.7/ 5
  • In Bukit Bintang

    • Planet Hollywood
      Nestled on the ground floor of the KL Plaza shopping centre, Planet Hollywood is par of the global chain of Planet Hollywood bars cum restaurants, where you can taste great American food and drinks.
    • Club De Vegas
      Club De Vegas is a popular bistro with Chinese that has many karaoke lounges. The club is also famous for its 'social escorts', sweet young girls that accompany bored male patrons at the club on a drinking spree.
    • QBa
      Nestled inside the Westin Hotel, QBa carries a Latin theme in its décor and style. Low-key lighting and live bands provide the relaxing ambience while a large range of fine wines lets you imbibe in style.
    • Moussandra
      Well known for its Mediterranean cuisine, patrons can choose from a wide range of Greek, Spanish and Italian food as well as sample 'tapas' from the bar; Spanish snacks served with cocktails.
    • Little Havana
      As its name suggests, this is a Cuban bar where patrons can smoke cigars to their fill while enjoying the indoor or outdoor dining.
    • Neway
      This popular karaoke lounge is located inside the Times Square shopping centre. The highlights are its spacious rooms, wide selection of songs and a nice dining menu.
    • Frangipani
      The Frangipani is a chic bar with a nice selection of cocktails and shooters. Their speciality is House music with frequent appearances by guest DJs.

    In Sultan Ismail

    • Hard Rock Café
      Always the perennial crowd favourite, Hard Rock Café attract both locals and tourists. Stage performances by international artistes are held frequently. On other days, there's plenty of rhythm and blues music with some great American food.
    • Carnegies
      Carnegies has chains across Asia and the Kuala Lumpur chapter is no less exciting and fun to visit. Combining both retro and modern themes in its décor, Carnegies becomes a merry pub in the evenings and a fantastic disco at night.
    • Finnegan's
      Finnegan's is a popular Irish pub that attracts a good crowd of expatriates and locals alike. Their beers are top notch along with some great food.
    • Espanda
      Formerly Emporium, the Espanda nightclub has a futuristic feel with lots of dance music to go around. It has a club, lounge, restaurant and a garden for al-fresco dining.
    • Nouvo
      Nouvo has been one of the long-staying residents in the clubbing stretch of Sultan Ismail. The club offers a cosy environment with red cushion lounges and occasional guest DJs from overseas.
    • Ruums
      One of the newer joints in Sultan Ismail, Ruums is popular for its variety of polished music from hip hop to R&B and retro to trance

    In Ampang

    • Club De Macau
      Club De Macau is a huge karaoke club with two levels and karaoke rooms that can fit up to 30 people. Extremely popular with the Chinese crowd, patrons can sing a mix of Canto-pop, Japanese, Korean and English songs.
    • Poppy/Passion
      Poppy is a club with a modern outlook that plays mainly R&B and hip-hop music, popular with the ladies. Upstairs is another club called Passion, which caters to a young crowd with a mix of house and techno music.
    • Nouvo
      Nouvo has been one of the long-staying residents in the clubbing stretch of Sultan Ismail. The club offers a cozy environment with red cushion lounges and occasional guest DJs from overseas.
    • Rum Jungle
      Popular with the older crowd, Rum Jungle is a club with a tribal theme, playing reggae, Latin, Spanish and sometimes cultural beats.
    • Beach Club
      A Hawaiian-themed club which is mostly outdoors, Beach Club attracts a huge crowd of tourists, especially Caucasians. This is easily one of the noisiest clubs on the block.
    • Thai Club & Bistro
      A little piece of Thailand's crazy nightlife in KL! The Thai Club & Bistro is built with traditional Thai element incorporated in its architecture. They do celebrate Thai cultural events such as the Water Festival with promotions each year.
    • Grand Modesto's
      This Italian hang-out area has a good balance of dining and clubbing opportunities. Also enjoy their sister bars which attract a strong Malay crowd; Bar Uno which is just next door for some great drinks or visit Bar Ibiza, also under the same roof, for dancing.


    In Bangsar

    • Absolute Chemistry
      Absolutely Chemistry in Telawi Street is an extremely popular and outgoing club, with a mostly young crowd. There's a neat dance area and plenty of drinks to go around.
    • Alexis
      Alexis is a cool, fancy hangout bar in a two-storey shop lot in Telawi. The ground floor is where the bistro, which serves a good range of food and drinks is, while upstairs is the hangout area.
    • Bar Flam
      Another great joint on Telawi Street, Bar Flam serves a large array of cocktails and fine food. This is also a great place to dance as most of the expatriate crowd here love to do.
    • Club 11:15
      A new kid on the block, Club 11:15 has an outrageous style of promotion and service, where its staff are dressed according to changing fantasy themes from time to time.
    • La Bodega
      More of a fine dining restaurant, this Spanish outlet has a good range of Tapas with red or white wine. The lounge is where patrons can chill for some great music.
    • T Club & Bistro
      T Club & Bistro in Telawi is another fantastic place to hang around that's not too noisy with mostly slow music until after 11 pm, when house beats take the air waves. This place is very popular with young, working professionals.
    • Telawi Street Bistro
      An elegant and classy bar at a corner of Telawi Street, the bistro serves fine cocktails and gourmet food. It also opens during the day time for lunch.
    • The Social
      The Social is a hive of noise and activity as this club attracts sport enthusiasts, especially for English Premier League Football. The food is also pretty good.
    • The Talk
      This is a Japanese bistro with cooling interiors that are tinged with white and blue. The sushi is really delicious and you can enjoy a wide range of drinks too.

    In Sri Hartamas

    • Backyard Grill & Pub
      A long-standing pub that is dedicated to European football, as you will see from the paraphernalia adorning the walls. Enjoy good steaks as you listen to classic tunes and modern rock.
    • Breakers
      Breakers is famous for its excellent pool tables, attracting crowds of young pool-players. Foosball is another popular activity here while TV sets switched on sports channel light up the club.
    • Karma
      Another senior club, Karma has long been one of the most popular nightspots in Hartamas. The interior and décor feature wood and organic themes heavily. The crowds are mostly local Indians.
    • Soda Club
      Soda is a new lively club for partying with a nice dance floor accompanied by the latest hits on the music air waves. Live bands perform here occasionally.
    • Souled Out
      A solid reputation for good food and casual atmosphere, Souled Out attracts large crowds of youngsters and even families who dine in its spacious outdoor area. A bar is located upstairs with a small stage. During important football matches, the place becomes packed to the brim.
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