Kuala Lumpur Spas

Spa Centers, Massages and Body Treatments

The perfect treat after a hard day's sightseeing would be to head for one of the numerous spas in KL and let their professionals soothe your aches and tension away.

Almost all major hotels in KL offer spa treatments, here's a list of spas in KL. Each has a specially designed spa and equipment, with attractive packages for various budgets. Experience a wonderful time in the hands of professional consultants and masseurs.

Some packages offer a combination of two or more of treatments.

Here's what the spas of KL have to offer you...


Mandara Spa Mandara Spa

Set in the tropical gardens of Sunway Resort Hotel, the Balinese-inspired Mandara Spa offers over 30 aromatherapy massages and facials using the purest essential oils and ingredients. Read More...


The ancient Egyptians used it, so did the Chinese, Italians and Indians. Aromatherapy has been around for a long time and involves using essential oils of plants - seeds, bark, stem, blossoms, resins and leaves - that are combined with certain "carrier oils" to use in a massage. Aromatherapy works when the oils are ingested or inhaled, and the healing properties of different oils either stimulate or calm the body.

Aromatherapy treatments include massages, facials, body wraps, baths, inhalations and compresses. As beneficial as it may be, aromatherapy may not be suitable for expectant mothers as some oils may pose a danger to them. True essential oils are commonly kept in dark glass bottles.


Body Wraps

Sore muscles call for a comfortable body wrap. Warm towels, soaked in herbal, seaweed, aromatherapy oils, mud and clay are plied on to tired bodies to draw toxins away.


Available facials range from Western-style to traditional Eastern ones. For traditional treatments, Awana Resorts has appointed Mustika Ratu, a well-known Indonesian cosmetics chain to oversee its beauty programme, which will first start at the Awana Kijal in Terengganu.


Luxuriate in comfort as professional hands knead at tired muscles and soothe knotted tension away. A body rub in KL is always value for money - most Asians have perfected the art of massage and here is no exception. There are various massages with differing techniques used, but whatever you choose, the expert hands of the masseur will have you completely relaxed in no time.

Scrubs & Exfoliators

Try some traditional and delightful body massages such as the popular traditional Balinese Boreh, used by rice farmers to stimulate body warmth and to relieve aching muscles; or the Javanese Mandi Lulur - an ancient beauty treatment popular amongst modern brides-to-be and which helps soften and lighten the skin through exfoliation.

Other interesting massages include the Coconut Scrub, used for sunburnt or sensitive skin; the Loofah Scrub to exfoliate skin; Salt Glow, which combines sea salt with essential oils to cleanse pores; the Honey and Sesame Seed Scrub; and the Bali Kopi Scrub.

Natural plants and spices are used in all the above treatments.

Water Treatments

Get your tired muscles rejuvenated by spending some time in the water through hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy. Hot and cold baths, compresses and underwater massages are some of the very tempting things to try out when you sign up for a hydrotherapy package. Thalassotherapy uses seawater and marine products. As nothing beats soaking in a bath after a long hard day, spend an hour or two in a floatation tank or bath. The fragrant essential oils used in aromatherapy, combined with the use of jet showers spraying water directly onto your body is also good for the soul.

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