5 Great KL Food Trucks

Best meals-on-wheels outfits in KL

The food truck craze in Kuala Lumpur has certainly amped up in the last couple of months, with so many new outfits with exciting, new and unique meals-on-wheels offerings. Most operate between a few places, largely due to uncertain permit allowances by city officials, but frequent and trustworthy social media updates help customers find them easily enough.

We’ve collected together our favourites to compile this list of 5 great KL food trucks. The best-of-the-best have strong Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followings, great diner reviews, original food ideas and reasonable prices. Read on to find out more about our selections of the city’s finest food truck fare, listed in alphabetical order.

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    Curbside Cantina

    Curbside Cantina

    A pretty hot meals-on-wheels outfit, Curbside Cantina does brisk business in various locations all over Kuala Lumpur. In fact, the best way to track them down is via their Instagram account (@CurbsideCantinaKL) which reliably nails down the dates and times of upcoming operation hours.

    Serving up tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican fare, the food is certainly worth chasing after, with classic exotic food injected with lots of appealingly, quirky local flavour – think beef or chicken taco meat, sour cream, and guacamole, served with Indian pappadam instead of corn flour shells. Other standouts on the short but sweet menu include the RM10 'cemita' burger, a Mexican-style sandwich with juicy herb-and-spice-marinated chicken and avocado slices smothered with cheddar cheese, to create an altogether inimitable slider.

    • Location: Instagram : @CurbsideCantinaKL

    Flaming Wheels

    Flaming Wheels

    Truly eye catching with its all-black exterior and painted red flames, Flaming Wheels is a great choice for a fiery midday meal. This roving restaurant operates around the Klang Valley and you can find their exact location based on their dependably updated official web page. There is even an app to track their movements.

    The best part about Flaming Wheels is that the kitchen doles out generously-portioned gourmet meals at very reasonable prices. Our favourite is the RM9.90 chilli beef nachos; tender minced chunks of perfectly seasoned meat, mozzarella and sour cream, sitting on a bed of creamy white sauce, served with corn tortilla chips and sprinkled with jalapenos. Also good is the hot chicken devil curry; an extra-spicy tomato and chilli broth dish that stays true to its name and will leave you reaching for the ice bucket.

    • Location: Around the Klang Valley
    Little Fat Duck

    The bistro-like Italian and French fusion food at the Little Fat Duck food truck is good, there is no doubt about that. However, portions are a little small, so you essentially end up spending more adding on side dishes. That does not mean the fare is not worthwhile – on the contrary, we’re self-professed repeat visitors!

    Topping the list of our personal favourites is the RM12 grilled dory fish on a bed Hollandaise sauce with a side serving of mashed potatoes, while the RM5 spaghetti Bolognese and RM5 carbonara chicken are also must-tries. Besides the food truck, which is regularly parked in SS15, Subang Jaya (opposite Public Bank), you can also find Little Fat Duck at its small but permanent venue on the lower ground floor of 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Read More...

    • Location: SS15 Subang Jaya & LG 1 Utama
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    The Humble Chef

    The Humble Chef

    A long-time operator in Kuala Lumpur’s food scene, The Humble Chef is one of the few food trucks in the city with an almost-permanent spot where it does business. Set just opposite the HELP University campus in Pusat Bandar Damansara, it does brisk business, especially at lunchtime.

    Serving up pasta, pita sandwiches and omelettes for about RM5 each, the RM2.50 lamb-stuffed omelette with a cheesy centre is particularly good, especially when you pair it with the RM5 lamb pita stuffed with cream cheese. The Humble Chef also has a permanent, air-conditioned restaurant in Plaza Damansara which merits a visit for its fried laksa, but you have to arrive early as the tables fill up fast!

    • Opening Hours: 09:30 – 12:30 Monday – Saturday
    • Address: Jalan Damanseri, Pusat Bandar Damansara
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    This sunshine-yellow mobile dining room was a sensation when it first spun its wheels in 2013 and has since developed a steady following, as well as a slew of copycat competitors. Pasta from a truck is no big thing, but when it is so reasonably priced and excellently flavoured, no other truck can beat them.

    Its menu is short and sweet, with the fried spaghetti taking centre stage. It comes with a variety of generously portioned toppings, from egg and tempura fish to chicken sausage, spicy lamb and chicken ham. Prices start at RM6.50. This fun food truck operates between Jalan Dungun in KL and SS15 in Subang Jaya.

    • Location: Jalan Dungun and SS15 Subang Jaya
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